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                                                  Theocratic Software Section

This page provides Theocratic tools for Jehovah's Witnesses. All products may be used and shared freely at no charge. You must have a Palm OS device running a minimum of OS 3.5 in order to use the majority of these applications. All applications on this page, with the exception of the guest software, was created by Kevin Bingham and is his sole and expressed intellectual property. No reverse engineering, copying or duplication may be done without written consent from said author Kevin Bingham.

Auc Counselor
   Theocratic Ministry School Auxiliary Counselor program. The name says it all. This program integrates with the TMSA application and works great for the brother who is the auxiliary counselor. Keep track of the progress for  those assigned the Speech Quality, Instruction Talk and Bible Highlight assignments.
Version 1.0


   Congregation Book Study Overseer organization application. List the members of your group, there contact information, service activity, readers, attendance and more. Very useful for on the fly notes and announcements. This program makes it easy to keep all your records in the PALM of your hand.
Version 1.0


   From publisher to Circuit Oversser, this one is a must. Similar to the Contact or Address book on your PDA, but built for those within the circuit. Keep names, address, phone numbers and congregations they are associated with. Easy to use and quick.
Version 1.0


house records
House Records
   A house to house, RV and Do Not Work tracker. Not the smoothest one I have written, but it has potential. Will be improved in the near future.
Version 1.0


my talks
My Talks
   Wonderful tool for those who give public talks in and out of the congregation. List all the outlines you have by number and title, show your schedule for your upcoming assignments and even keep the contact information for the congregation you visit. Future version will place your talk assignment into your Palm OS Calendar application automatically.
Version 1.0



no blood
No Blood
   Developed for those on the PVG and HLC. Keep up with the members, contact information and assigned hospitals. Patient details can include the hospital, room, reason for hospital stay and a check list of items. A database of information is provided for reference to important information.
Version 1.1


   It is difficult to remember who to visit, what you have or have not shared with them and when it was. Now you have a simple application that remembers for you. Great for the CBSO while shepherding his group.
Version 1.0


   Theocratic Ministry School Assistant is a wonderful tool for the Ministry School overseer. No need to take paper to the platform anymore. Now you have all you need to know in your hand. Track your students progress, hold the current schedule and assignments for the next week. The very first program I wrote for Palm. Database material is updated every year.

    Download 2004 Schedule    

    Download 2005 Schedule
Version 2004


Not Home
Not Home
   A quick and easy way to track Not at Homes on your Palm OS device while in the field ministry. The simple interface makes it easy to add the house number, street, date, territory number and the action. For example, NH = Not Home, CA = Call Again, DNW = DNW and X = Delete. There is a Read Me file to give you all the details. You will find this to be a very handy application. Enjoy.
Version 1.0

   Concerned about the quality of public speakers within or visiting your congregation? Use this tool to make a simple evaluation of the overall quality of the speaker. Of course, this isn't a catch all program, but it gives you an edge for evaluation. If there is more than one Palm OS device user among the brothers, compare notes after using it. The objective is to have the best speaker possible.
Version 1.0

        Listed Below
These applications are designed by fellow developers who are Brothers.
revisits image
Re-Visits (English)                             
Created by:
Linum Essentials
Hands down the most popular return visit program among JW's. Keep up with who, where, when and notes. Check boxes for magazines place and bible study activity too. Databases can be sorted by city or street name depending on how you wish to use this application. Also available in Spanish and French.

Download ENGLISH      


Daily Text                                         
Database by:
Group Effort

This is the PalmMOD program with a few grammatical changes to fit our needs. It requires and updated database for each year and only one year can be run at any given time. After tapping the icon, it opens to the text for that day based on your calendar application. Our version has the TMS schedule listed at the bottom of each day so you can prepare while you are away from home.

Download 2004 Database    
Download 2005 Database

  Click Here for
 the PalmMOD
  You will also
     need the
   database file
 listed to the left
service record image
Service Record                                 
Created by:
Brian Palmer

Excellent personal field service activity tracker created by Brian Palmer. Monthly view highlights days you have been active. Each day allows for time entry, placements, RV's and studies. Set your goal to keep track of your progress. This will also keep track of your annual totals or service year totals. Your totals are held at the bottom of the monthly screen for quick reference.

Bible Reading for Palm                    
Created by:
Brian Palmer
Schedule for reading the Bible in a year for the Palm OS.  Requires Appforge Booster.  Allows transferring schedule to the Tasks list for each week.



                 DATABASE SECTION

   Database Downloads

These files are very specific. Be sure to read the caption before downloading each file. You may need a particular reader in order to view the file.
            Examining the Scriptures Daily

2005 HTML Version

2005 iSilo Version

2005 Text Version
2005 for Outlook (pst format)


 All three are grouped in a zip file.

                          Copyright 2004 ATD Tech Software. All Rights Reserved.